Quality Control

Strict quality control and detection technology guarantee the good quality products’ manufacturing. In order to face market demands and for the further development, Hatsun sets up a world–class testing unit to check out entire products before leaving for the market. This not only helps us to supply stable and reliable products, first-class technical support, and comprehensive service to our clients but also creates our positive image in the market. 
Hatsun trades successfully in the market a qualitatively new type of non-woven fabric of the S (spunbond), SS (spunbond + spunbond) and SMS (spunbond/melt blown/spunbond) type comprising of more-component synthetic fiber.
The nature of the production of non-woven fabric by means of spunbond technology is based on the direct spinning of polymeric granulates into continuous filaments (filaments) and subsequently manufactured non-woven fabric. Thus the production of fiber characteristic for the other textile types and their subsequent conversion into the flat shape is excluded. For the production of this type of non-woven fabric we use PP or PP and PE combination (in the form of bi-component fiber).

The basic qualities of this fabric include the following:
• Range of surface density approx. 10 - 260 g/m2
• Even  distribution  of  fibre  in the surface fabric  determining the  characteristic
  qualities  that  are  approx.  2:1  in the  longitudinal  and  transverse  directions
• High final strength of the fabric due to the high strength of continuous
  filaments (filaments)
• Characteristic  fineness of the  individual  filaments can range from 1 to 5 den
   PP Spunbond specification
• Eco-friendly, water repellent
• Can have anti-UV, anti-bacteria, anti-static, flame retardant
   function as request tear resistant,
• Shrink-resistant
• Strong strength and elongation, soft, non-toxic
• Excellent property of air through
• Technique: Spunbonded
• Weight range: 10gsm - 250gsm
• Width :160cm,240cm, 320cm (cab be split)
• Embossing: dot, cross, diamond
• Color: various color as customer request
• (10~40gsm ) for medical/hygiene such as cap,mask,gown
• (15~70gsm)agricultural covers, wall cover,
• (50~100gsm) shopping bags, suits pockets, gifts bags, sofa upholstery
• (50~120gsm) sofa upholstery, home furnishing, handbag lining,shoe leather lining