SS PP Spunbond
As a global player, Hatsun continues to invest a considerable amount in state-of-the-art technologies and R &D. Installation of SS PP Spunbond Machine first time ever in Pakistan is the part of our comprehensive strategy. We are professional manufacturer of SS PP Spunbond fabrics of high quality and a series of converted products with competitive price. The company is capable of processing special finishing treatments such as UV treatment, Antistatic, hydrophilic, Super soft treatment, Anti-mildew, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-alcohol, oil, blood and etc. according to the customer’s needs. SS (Spunbond +Spunbond) nonwoven fabric is made of double spinning beam machinery which provides more softness, efficient high tensile effect and durability to the product as compare to single beam line. The basic average fitness of filament is OD less than 2.5D fabric with very best uniform GSM. The products made by this machine are widely used in medical clothes, package, architecture and etc.

Hydrophilic Treatment Equipment
It is a process for treating fibers to render the fibers more hydrophilic. The machine used for innovative hydrophilic treatment is extremely easy to operate which features with frame ceramic surface kiss roller, liquid cycling system, drying system and latest touch screen electrical controlling system to treat the fabric. It makes the nonwoven surface uniform, soft and extremely liquid attracting.